Getting Started As A Pro

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Getting Started As A Pro

How to Get Started with NexGen Taxes

Background Check

Finding a professional they can trust is at the top of every customer’s to-do list when embarking on a new project.

Background checks help establish trust and confidence when making hiring decisions.
Background checks are provided at no cost, ensuring the safety of everyone involved. The process is simple and handled entirely on your behalf. To proceed, you are required to furnish a valid government-issued photo identification and maintain an active Tax Preparer, CPA license, or EA designation. Additionally, a PTIN current for the relevant filing period and an EFIN under your name or your practice’s name are necessary. As part of the verification process, we confirm the validity of your PTIN number, EFIN number, and other credentials provided during the onboarding process.

As a Pro, it is your responsibility to upkeep the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits and ensure the currency of your license. Each Tax Pro must renew their Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN) and Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) for the active season to be eligible to receive leads on the platform.
It is recommended that each Tax Pro obtain Errors & Omissions (‘E&O’) insurance to protect against liability in the event of a dispute.

Review Terms Of Use

Before you sign up and get started on the NexGen Platform, it’s required that you review, agree, and abide by the terms set forth in NexGen Taxes’s Terms of Use document. The terms of use can be accessed at the support and knowledge base section of the portal all the time. In the event there are changes and updates to our Terms of Use, you may be required to accept the modified Terms of Use before continuing to use the portal. NexGen Taxes reserves the right to make changes to Terms Of Use at its absolute discretion.


Stripe Payments

It is recommended that all Tax Pros engaged with NexGen Taxes create a Stripe account to facilitate seamless transactions within the platform. To create an account, please visit Stripe, a third-party payment solutions provider, is utilized for both collecting online payments from customers and transmitting earnings. It also confirms the identity of users to prevent fraud, enhancing trust and safety.

At the end of the calendar year, Stripe will provide you with your Form 1099-K if applicable (200 transactions and $20,000 during the course of the year). Connecting with your Stripe Account is part of the onboarding process, and you can update your Stripe Account in the settings if there are changes.
Tax Pros are paid on a weekly basis, and you will see your fees deposited within your Stripe account on the Monday following the week after the job is completed (one week in arrears). Please note that only completed jobs will be paid out. In the event of a client cancellation, as discussed in our “cancellation fees” section, you will receive your portion of the amount collected.

Ready to Get Started?

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