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Invested Customers

Long-term and recurring jobs with committed clients.

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Limited competition among pros for every lead

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Set your own lead prices based on your business budget

No annual fees

No charge to join and no ongoing or membership fees

Pro Guide

Have the freedom to be your own boss. When and how you want

We’ve designed the NexGen Taxes platform to be feature-rich, intuitive, and easy to navigate so you can pick things up quickly and prepare taxes quickly. Whenever you need help, we’ve made sure that you can always find guidance through FAQs, support chat, video chat and emails if you need it.

Let’s dig in and learn more about the platform, as always, we value your input, so do not hesitate to provide constructive feedback to improve the overall experience. We understand Tax Pros are well experienced in tax, bookkeeping, and accounting concepts, and any recommendations from you will be well received and appreciated.

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