Tips for getting hired

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Tips for getting hired

Create an awesome profile.

Your profile is automatically sent to customers you send a quote to. Make sure your profile advertises you well. Make sure your profile image is inviting; a company logo or picture of you is best. We make it easy to list your years of experience and credentials too so be sure to add them.


Reviews are the number one selling point for service businesses. By getting 10+ reviews you double your chances of getting hired. You can get past and current customers to post reviews on your profile so that when you send a quote to a new customer they can read about all the customers that enjoy working with you.

Send a professional quote.

Your quote is your first impression. Customers are looking to hire the best professional for their projects. Treat your quote as a professional introduction to a potential new customer. Greet them by name, address their needs or concerns, and ask them questions. Most importantly, let them know why you are the best one for the job.

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