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We’ve designed the NexGen Taxes platform to be feature-rich, intuitive, and easy to navigate so you can pick things up quickly and more importantly prepare taxes quickly. Whenever you need help, we’ve made sure that you can always find guidance through FAQs, Support Chat, and emails.

Let’s dig in and learn more about the platform, as always, we value your input, so do not hesitate to provide constructive feedback to improve the overall experience. We understand Tax Pros are well experienced in tax, bookkeeping, and accounting concepts, and any recommendations from you will be well received and appreciated.

What is NexGen Taxes?

NexGen Taxes is a platform that connects tax professionals with potential customers. It offers a way for tax pros to increase their exposure to millions of customers seeking professional tax services.

Is there a fee to join NexGen Taxes?

Joining NexGen Taxes is free. No annual or membership fees are charged for tax professionals to become part of the NexGen Taxes network.

What kind of clients can I expect to find through NexGen Taxes?

The platform primarily hosts clients invested in finding professional tax services, with a significant portion having an annual household income above $100K. These clients are likely to engage professionals for long-term and recurring jobs.

How does NexGen Taxes limit competition among professionals?

NexGen Taxes ensures limited competition among professionals for each lead, providing a more focused and less crowded marketplace for tax services.

Can I control pricing for my services on NexGen Taxes?

Yes, professionals using NexGen Taxes can set their lead prices based on their business budget, allowing full control over their service pricing.

What kind of support does NexGen Taxes provide for new members?

The platform offers comprehensive support, including FAQs, support chat, video chat, and email assistance. New members can also receive effective guidance on using the platform from a dedicated Client Support Person.

How does the onboarding process work for new professionals on NexGen Taxes?

The onboarding process involves a few simple steps like assessing software skills, scheduling preferences, and handling tax returns. New members must also share documentation like a valid photo ID and CPA or EA credentials for verification.

Do NexGen Taxes offer any specific features or tools to its members?

NexGen Taxes is designed to be intuitive and feature-rich, aiding in quick tax preparation and efficient client management. However, for preparing taxes, you need to use whatever tool you are familiar with.

What is the profile of the average user of NexGen Taxes?

The average user of NexGen Taxes is likely to be a committed client seeking professional tax services, with a significant number having a high annual income and a preference for engaging professionals for long-term services.

How can I showcase my expertise and qualifications on NexGen Taxes?

Professionals can showcase their expertise and qualifications on NexGen Taxes by uploading their credentials and documents during onboarding, thereby highlighting their CPA or EA status to potential clients.

How to Get Started with NexGen Taxes?

Background Check

Finding a trusted professional is at the top of every customer’s to-do list when embarking on a new project.

Background checks help establish trust and confidence when making hiring decisions. Background checks are provided at no cost, ensuring the safety of everyone involved. The process is simple and handled entirely on your behalf. To proceed, you must furnish a valid government-issued photo identification and maintain an active Tax Preparer, CPA license, or EA designation. Additionally, a PTIN current for the relevant filing period and an EFIN under your name or your practice’s name are necessary. As part of the verification process, we confirm the validity of your PTIN number, EFIN number, and other credentials provided during the onboarding process.

As a Pro, it is your responsibility to maintain the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits and ensure the currency of your license. Each Tax Pro must renew their Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN) and Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) for the active season to be eligible to receive leads on the platform.

We recommend that every tax professional obtains Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance to protect against dispute liability.

Review Terms Of Use

Before you sign up and get started on the NexGen Platform, you must review, agree, and abide by the terms outlined in NexGen Taxes’s Terms of Use document. Access the Terms of Use anytime through the portal’s support and knowledge base section. If there are any changes or updates to our Terms of Use, you may need to accept the modified version before continuing to use the portal. Please note that NexGen Taxes can change the Terms of Use.

Add A Credit Card

As such, getting listed on NexGen Taxes is free. We show customers you / your business for free.

Thousands of customers come to NexGen Taxes daily to find pros like you. To ensure accurate matching, update your profile with credentials and expertise. Keeping your profile updated will enhance the effectiveness of the matching process, enabling customers to find the most suitable matches based on their unique requirements. Prospective clients can search and filter results to find suitable professionals.

You will begin to appear in search results by setting up your targeting preferences so that we know what types of jobs you are interested in.

Customers choose the Pros they like. By becoming a sponsored Pro, you can stand out to customers in their search results.

Remember, you get first dibs at the lead by becoming a sponsored Pro; when a customer requests a service, your profile will be one of the first they see.

Creating a sponsored profile can unlock premium features such as adding customer reviews and showcasing your work experience. By providing such information, customers are more likely to feel assured and confident when selecting you as their service provider.

It’s important to regularly update your information on NexGen Taxes so that potential customers have the most accurate and up-to-date information about your services and expertise. Make sure to respond promptly to any inquiries or messages from interested customers.

By featuring your skills and qualifications on NexGen Taxes, you can connect with thousands of potential clients actively seeking professionals like you. Keep your profile updated and stand out among the competition!

As a Sponsored Pro, NexGen Taxes’ Quality Commitment covers all of your leads.

How NexGen Taxes Work for a Pro?

Step 1: Pro registers on our platform

Step 2: Pro completes Background Check and Complete their profile so that they are ready to get matched with potential clients

Step 3: Customer registers on NexGen Taxes platform and document their requirements

Step 4: Customers get paired with Sponsored Pros during the initial four hours of their search.

Step 5: At the end of the first 4 hours of the new customer search, we show customers you / your business for free if your profile is a potential match for the services they are looking for.

At NexGen Taxes, thousands of customers visit daily to find professionals like you. Enhance matching accuracy by updating your profile with credentials and expertise. Keep your profile current to improve the matching process, helping customers find the best matches for their unique requirements. Prospective clients can search and filter results to find suitable professionals. Set up targeting preferences to appear in search results for jobs you’re interested in.

Customers choose the Pros they like. By becoming a sponsored Pro, you can stand out to customers in search results. Remember that as a sponsored Pro, you can be among the first profiles customers see when they request a service. Becoming a Sponsored Pro allows you to secure the lead and stand out.

Creating a sponsored profile unlocks premium features like customer reviews and work experience displays. This boosts customer confidence in selecting you as their service provider. Regularly update your info on NexGen Taxes for accurate and up-to-date details. Respond promptly to inquiries from interested customers. Showcase your skills on NexGen Taxes to connect with potential clients. Keep your profile updated and stand out from the competition! As a Sponsored Pro, NexGen Taxes’ Quality Commitment covers all your leads.

What is NexGen Taxes’ Quality Commitment to their Pros?

Our Quality Commitment is our pledge to help you get hired. NexGen Taxes leads will have the following features to give you the best chance at winning the job:

  • Limited competition
  • Phone Number Guarantee

Read below for a summary of each feature.

Limited competition

While you want to be the only pro a customer contacts, some customers want to contact a few pros before deciding who to hire. To optimize the user experience, we have implemented a restriction where customers can only contact up to five professionals within the first four hours of their search. This delay in opening up the lead to all Pros ensures a streamlined and efficient process while allowing ample options for customers to connect with the most suitable professionals. Customers usually reach out to fewer pros, but the limit is there for unusual circumstances.

To ensure customers can find a pro, they can contact additional pros after those first four hours.

How it benefits you

By limiting competition, you have a better shot at getting hired.

Phone Number Guarantee

We’ve been hearing from our pros that having a customer provide a phone number helps them land the job, confirm job details, and contact customers. The Phone Number Guarantee is our commitment to providing phone numbers on all leads and bookings when the customer reaches out to you directly. If you have any issues, contact the Support Team, and we’ll investigate them.

How it benefits you

Customers who provide phone numbers tend to be more serious about hiring. Now, you’ll always have a way to get in touch right from the start. Once you respond to the lead, the customer’s phone number will be disclosed to you so that you can also reach them via a phone call. So, message the customer to start, and then you can decide if you’d instead call the customer going forward.

After I sign up, can I start meeting customers immediately?

Before you start meeting customers, you need to complete your profile so it helps us and our customers understand your areas of expertise. You’ll also need to add a few things to your profile (like a profile photo and a review). After setting up your profile, you can get matched with potential customers.

What are the official IRS Tax dates for 2024?

Glad you asked. The official Tax filing season for 2023 taxes to be filed in 2024 is about to get started. The IRS will start processing taxes on Jan 29, 2024. April 15, 2024, is the deadline to file your taxes or file for an extension that will give you an additional six months of time till Oct 15, 2024, to file your taxes.

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