How NexGen Taxes Works

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How NexGen Taxes Works

We oversee marketing efforts and direct customers to the NexGen Taxes Portal. Once there, they can create a login and initiate a work request within the portal.

The Process Works in 4 Simple Steps:

1. We Deliver Customers to You

  • Customers come to us to find and hire the right professional for their needs.
  • We require every customer to answer relevant and specific questions about their needs.
  • Each request is reviewed to ensure it’s legitimate before it is sent to you.

2. You Decide Which Customer is Right for Your Business

  • We send each customer’s request to experienced professionals like you.
  • You review the details of the customer’s request for free.
  • If you are interested and available, let the customer know by sending them a message. We call this sending a quote.
  • The process of filtering the right customer for you can also be automated using the setting option. You can set your lead targeting preferences to get the jobs you want.

3. Send a Quote

  • Your quote is a personalized message with your price (not required) and contact information.
  • We send your profile, reviews, and contact information with your quote.
  • To send your quote, you pay with credits.

4. Get Hired

  • A request can receive quotes from up to 5 professionals. Usually, though, we see just a few quotes per request.
  • The customer compares quotes, reviews profiles, and decides who to hire.
  • Work out the details with your customer through the website using our advanced communication and document management features.
  • Complete the work and get paid.
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