Using the Leads Tab

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Using the Leads Tab

If you’re not using the auto-purchase option for buying leads, another way to get jobs is by using the lead tab. Check for new jobs here often — this is your opportunity to introduce yourself to new customers and land more clients..

How to reach out

  1. Go to your Leads tab
  2. Look through new Work Requests and select to see more info.
  3. If you’re interested, respond to the Work Request with a proposal. Remember, the price is not fixed by the NexGen Platform, so an ideal proposal would not only talk about your services and how you stand out from your customers but also give an idea to the customer on your pricing.

You can increase your chances of being the first pro a customer notices by enabling the auto-purchase option. The auto purchase option automatically purchases the lead based on your lead purchasing criteria as you have defined the lead settings.

Tips for getting hired

  • Write a great proposal– Your proposal is your first impression to a potential customer. Be professional, clear, and personalize your message to meet the customer’s needs.
  • Respond quickly – Customers are more likely to hire pros who respond quickly. Make sure your notifications are turned on, so you know when there’s a new job in your area or when the customer hires you.
  • Create a professional profile – We send your profile with your quote, so the customer has more information about your services.
  • Get reviews – Pros with reviews get hired 70% more on average than those with no reviews.
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