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Your Pro Profile

Your profile is how you inform customers about your services, build trust, and help customers decide that you are the pro to hire. Having a profile that stands out and shows off your expertise is a proven way to improve your results.

Complete your profile

A complete profile is important to get hired. Be sure to include:

  1. An introduction.  Your introduction is your pitch, tell us about yourself, your skills — share what makes you unique and why customers should hire you.
  2. Featured Media.  For the best results add at least five examples of your best work. Customers love to see images and 98% of hires have at least one picture of their work also try to include a listing of professional licenses.
  3. Reviews.  Ask your current and past customers for reviews. Reviews are one of the most important things your profile can have. It shows off real-world experiences other customers had with your business.
  4. Questions and answers.  Many customers want to know everything they can about a business before making a hiring decision. Help customers get to know you by answering the extra questions we ask on your profile.

Ready to get started? Go to your profile.



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