Costs and Payments

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Costs and Payments

NexGen Taxes Platform is a pay-per-introduction referral system where you buy and use credits to contact customers who have submitted a request for service. When you contact a customer, we call this sending a proposal. You pay when you send a proposal. We do charge commission as well on the work performed but there is no subscription fee.

What is a credit and how much does a lead in NexGen Taxes cost?

All NexGen Taxes leads are priced in credits. The number of credits needed to respond to a lead varies depending on the service required and the size of the job. The credit price is always visible to you before responding to the lead.

The standard price for credit is $1.00 but we may offer a number of great discounts when buying packs of credits from time to time.

How do Credits work?

Credits are deducted from your account each time you send a proposal. If the customer does not view your proposal within 5 business days, we automatically refund the credits you used on that proposal.

The number of credits it costs to send a proposal ranges depending on the customer request and service request. You will see how many credits it cost to quote on the lead details we send you for each request.

You can buy credits from your profile page. Credits never expire. If your schedule fills up or you are otherwise temporarily unable to use your credits, your credits will remain in your account until you are ready to use them again.

How do I sign up?

Currently, these subscriptions are only available through your profile. If you need help, our friendly agents will help you purchase a pack and clarify all the details for you. You can chat with us, call us, or email for more information, we’re open 24/7.


  • Do my credits expire?
    No, credits do not expire. Use your credits at your own pace.
  • Do I have to send a proposal to every request?
    No, you are never obligated to send a proposal. You can choose to click pass on a customer request if it is not right for you or leave it unanswered.
  • What happens when I run out of credits?
    Any time you attempt to send a quote with insufficient credits the website will prompt you to get more. You can always buy more credits.
  • Do you offer refunds on credit packs?
    We do not offer refunds on credit pack purchases.


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